Quality and Environment Policy

MOTLES S.L. aim is to remain in the forefront of mold design, plastic injection parts and machining parts manufacturing companies in terms of the technical level and customer service, to ensure that the results are satisfactory for the management team and for the employees by complying with the applicable requirements, whether legal or well defined by the parties affected by the development of our activity.

The general guidelines and objectives related to the management system that  MOTLES S.L. follows are reflected in this policy, which is monitored for compliance throughout the company and continuously revised for ensuring its suitability. This statement defines the organization’s commitment to:

  • Train our employees for assuming the responsibility of performing their work with the required quality.
  • Review periodically our processes and keep them under control, ensuring the dissemination of management systems concepts throughout the organization.
  • Provide the organization with the necessary resources to achieve the continuous improvement of the management system
  • Provide a reference frame for quality, environmental, safety and work health objectives.
  • Protect the environment, including pollution prevention and other specific commitments, relevant at the organization’s context.
  • Commit to a high level of safety and health at work
  • Integrate within the activities and decisions the prevention of occupational risks as a general action to develop
  • Establish responsibility in the management of occupational risk prevention as a management function, which must manage any command, at any level of the hierarchical line, with equal dedication and dedication with which it administers the rest of the activities that have been delegated
  • Consider occupational risk prevention as another business component, receiving the same treatment as the rest of the company’s functions

 Guarantee the consultation and participation of workers, as well as the information and theoretical and practical training that they need in all matters related to the prevention of occupational risks

This integrated policy must be part of the company’s culture and therefore must be understood and communicated to all personnel. For this purpose, it has been delivered and explained to all employees for their knowledge and implementation and is developed through an integrated management system described in the integrated management manual and associated documented information


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